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If you would like a quote or have a question, please get in touch.

Email: Kcheverisimo@gmail.com

Phone: 07866 763 195

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We'll get back to you as soon as we can.


We'll cater our music and setlist specifically to your requirements - please contact us for a quote.

Our fee includes the band and the PA system (if required). If the event is more than 100 miles from Bath, the fee will be adjusted to cover transport and accommodation costs.


As we have been performing at clubs, festivals and wedding venues since 2000, we can also offer the following services for no extra cost:

  • Full Musicians Union contract signed by both parties well in advance

  • Advice about dealing with venues, events managers etc

  • Selection of recorded latin music to play before, during and after performance (if required)

Advice on choice of first dance (if required)

  • Advice on location of band, dance floor and PA etc if the venue does not supply its own

Use of our sound system for playing your own recorded music (if required)


We're fortunate enough to have played in a wide range of beautiful venues, which means we're familiar with the idiosyncrasies and particular requirements of many places.

A selection of recent venues includes: